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About Stefan Negura

Artist of the people, title Rep. of Moldavia

Stefan Negura is the winner of all national and international panflute competitions

- Soloist of the "Organ Hall" in Chisinau (the equivalent of the Philharmonic)

- Teacher at the Chisinau Conservatory and the "Ciprian Porumbescu" Republican High School for 15 years

- Collaborator of the conservatory in China "Xian"

- Teacher at the International panflute academy

- The only panflute player who represented Romania and the Republic of Moldova at the international festival at the North Pole.

- Graduate of the Academy of Music, Theater and Visual Arts

Stefan plays 15 instruments : piano, flute traverso, fluier, caval etc

- Composer of popular music and electronic music

- Son of university professor Ion Negura, founder of the classical music school for panflute

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